Common Goal
The buddy teacher system provides an effective alternative discipline option for redirecting
disruptive students.

Expectations and Guidelines

Teachers will
  • Contact the receiving teacher by calling or sending a note with the student, making
    prior arrangements when possible.
  • Send students to a buddy teacher with either a red or blue card – this is on a trial basis
    until the first Th in April.
  • Excuse 1st year teachers for the 1st 6 weeks and guest teachers (all year) from
    receiving students
  • Provide work/instructions for the student.
  • Keep all students in the classroom the first and last 10 minutes of class, unless there
    is an emergency.
  • Communicate concerns in using the buddy teacher system with team members.
  • Check on student’s progress during class.

Students will
  • Go directly to the assigned teacher’s room without inappropriate behavior.
  • Enter the assigned room respectfully.
  • Begin the assigned task immediately and complete the task in the allotted time.
  • Follow expectations/procedures of the buddy teacher.
  • Return materials/assignments to the classroom teacher at the appropriate time.
  • Return to class in a respectful manner.

Teachers will encourage students to remain in class whenever possible.

Teaching responsibility – Who? When? Where?

Who, Why?
A student will be sent to a buddy teacher for
  • Consistently disrupting class.
  • Refusing to follow classroom rules.
  • Refusing to do assignment after redirections.
  • Making up work or a test.

A student will go to the buddy teacher
  • After the first 10 minutes of class, unless an emergency arises.
  • When the teacher directs.
  • Students in the buddy teacher’s room will not talk to the incoming student.

Students will be sent to the buddy teacher’s room assigned to them.

Supervision procedures
  • Teachers will document when students are sent to a buddy teacher.
  • When possible, students will complete a behavior improvement form.
  • Teachers will have a follow-up discussion with the student at an appropriate time.
  • Teams will provide feedback and monitor their own use of the buddy teacher system.

If a student disrupts a buddy teacher’s classroom, the teams may
  • Follow the steps listed in their discipline plan
  • Write an office referral

Card System
  • Red - student should remain with receiving buddy teacher for the entire period
  • Blue - student should remain with receiving teacher to make-up work, complete test or
    assignment, and may return to sending teacher when finished
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